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You can play our Recommendation Game!

Receive 5% commission for recommending us to others!

A minimum commission of £100!

See details and qualifying terms below.

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Our Recommendation Game!

Receive 5% commission for recommending us to others! 


If you recommend us to someone else for replacement work you can receive 5% commission! What a game to play where everyone wins! Qualifying work includes full replacements of flat roofs, pitched slate or tiled roofs and also full replacements of guttering, fascia and soffits. See T&Cs below. 


The person you recommend us to will get excellent service on their roofing and guttering needs and you also benefit for pushing the work our way. So everyone wins! 


Smaller jobs, repairs and gutter cleaning do not qualify for the commission game. However, if a customer you recommended to us for a smaller job at a later time has a full replacement from us you would at that point qualify for the commission game based on your original introduction and recommendation of our services.


The commission will be given on our job price, minus the VAT. For example if you recommend us to someone and their reroof price comes in at £5000 plus VAT. That’s £6000 including VAT. You will receive 5% commission on the job price of £5000, which is £250. 


How’s that for a thank you! 


We welcome you join us and participate in this game, thereby helping us to service the local area with their roofing and guttering needs while allowing us to reward you for your loyal recommendations! 


Happy recommending! :)

And here's some nitty gritty terms and conditions:


1. You must submit a recommendation slip on our website (  A recommendation slip can be found on the "Free Quote" page on the website, select “Recommendation Slip” on the "What service would you like" tab, then fill in applicable details. We will get back to you to confirm we have received your slip. You must give details of the name and address of the person recommended and for what service/work you have recommended us for.

2. The recommendation slip must be done before or during the quoting period and before acceptance of the quote. Once a quote has been accepted by a customer with no recommendation slip filled for that job it would no longer qualify. So you must make us aware of the recommendation at the early stages of us dealing with your potential customer and before any quote has been accepted.


3. The total value of our job price must be £2000 or more, excluding VAT. Small gutter replacements or flat roofs for example may not qualify. Hence, the minimum commission paid would be £100, or 5% of a job priced at £2000, plus VAT. 


4. The commission would be paid via bank transfer within 7 working days of completion of the work and once payment has been settled in full by the customer. We will ask you for bank details, Sort Code and Account Number in order to make this payment to your selected UK account. We will not transfer funds to overseas accounts. 


5. We may in some cases or at random contact the customer and verify who recommended us to them. This is for purposes of settling any potential disputes of claims, to uphold the honesty and integrity of the game and to prevent any potentially fraudulent claims. 

6. And lastly, Roofing & Guttering Matters Ltd reserves the right to cancel this game at any time and for any reason. In the spirit of helping each other may this game continue! 

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